Our annual Garage Giveaway is always a big event! Over 400 new students came this August. Thank you to everyone who helped out!


Pittsburgh residents give furniture and household items to newly arrived international students and scholars as a way of saying, “Welcome to Pittsburgh!”


Who: This event is only for newly arrived international students and visiting scholars.


When: The Garage Giveaway will be in mid August, 2020. Entrance to the Garage Giveaway will be by lottery numbers, which will be distributed to students starting at 8:30 AM. Entrance will start at 9 AM, please do not line up before 8 AM. Admission by lottery number means that you do not need to get to the church way in advance, because when you go in is based on what number you get, not by what time you came to the church. Even if you get a higher number there will be an abundance of items for everyone.


What: You will receive at least one bigger piece of furniture, such as tables and chairs, and as many smaller items as you can carry.


Where: Bellefield Presbyterian Church, 4001 Fifth Avenue in Oakland.


We hope this event will help you get settled into your life in Pittsburgh.

We are happy you are here!



If you would like to help by donating goods or furniture in August, or would like to volunteer on the day of the Giveaway, please contact us at office@prismpgh.org.