PRISM's brand new Mentorship program will match you with a Mentor, as you journey through an 8-session curriculum that will surely benefit your life both now and in the years to come. We believe genuine Mentorship addresses the whole person, not just workplace advancement, which in turn creates a well-rounded approach to all of life's challenges. In the Mentorship program, you and your Mentor will cover these eight sessions:


  • Getting to Know One Another
  • Self-Awareness (Clifton Strengths Finder)
  • Career Advice
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Setting and Accomplishing Goals
  • Becoming a Better Friend/Choosing Friends Wisely
  • Dating/Marriage Advice
  • How Faith & Spirituality Affects Your Work


Spaces are limited, so sign up today if you want to be Mentored by someone with years of life experience in these areas! We believe your time spent with a Mentor will have a great impact on you for many years to come!